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Factory Supply gold vein quartz Cabinet Tops for sale

The Common countertop materials for cabinets are: natural stone, artificial stone, quartz, stainless steel, and fire board. But almost 80% of people choose quartz countertops. The most common in sales is also quartz cabinet tops.
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Factory Supply gold vein quartz Cabinet Tops for sale

There are many big quartz stone brand such as: caesarstone, silestone, compac, cambria, okit, senta margherita, quarella,quartzforms, cimstone,zodiaq,hanstone etc

Nowadays, China is one of the countries that export most quartz stone in the world. With the continuous development of technology and management level, Many of the quartz producers in China produce quartz slabs that is as good as the big brands!

The Common countertop materials for cabinets are: natural stone, artificial stone, quartz, stainless steel, and fire board. But almost 80% of people choose quartz countertops. The most common in sales is also quartz cabinet tops.

Three main criteria for a good countertop.

Durability: The high density and high hardness of the wear-resistant material is the premise of the countertop to withstand "a thousand hammers". The filler of quartz stone is 99.9% quartz, and the hardness of quartz comes from its structure, the three-dimensional network structure makes it not easy to change, its physical hardness is only second to the natural diamond. Quartz stone countertops have a long service life of several decades, and the maintenance cycle can also be extended to 2-3 years.

Antimicrobial: Stain-resistant material can prevent the growth of bacteria and ensure healthy cooking. Quartz stone already contains antimicrobial agents, and quartz stone countertops have almost no pores, so you don't have to worry about oil penetration, just wipe with water daily.

Cleanability: The material itself is highly resistant to water, oil, stains and bacteria, making it easy to clean. Quartz stone already contains antibacterial agent, and quartz stone countertop almost no pores, so you do not have to worry about oil penetration, daily only need to wipe with water.

Yeyang Stone Factory has been in stone fair with Verona fair ,USA fair COVERINGS in Atlanta,XIAMEN stone FAIR,Marmomacc Verona fair,and so on .We hope to make long good cooperation relationship in Stone Fairs by high quality products, professional service and competitie prices. We Have More than 100+ International Import Partners,we alway thank all old and new customers for their support and trust.


Countertop Packing Process:


1.First, you will receive digital inspection photos (through email) before your countertops are packed for shipping. This gives the customer an opportunity to see the actual countertops before they leave our factory.

Because we adhere to a strick quality-control system, its rare that an error occurs during the manufacturing process. Inspection photos simply provide an added sense of security to ensure accuracy with every order.

2.Each piece of stone is then individually wrapped in a plastic, then a puncture-resistant heavy foam-rubber material.

3.The countertops are then packed into a welded steel-frame crate, lined with plywood panels. The inside of the crate is padded with styro-foam sheets. Each piece of stone is carefully isolated from the others, eliminating the possibility of chips and scratches from stone-on-stone contact.

4. The end result is a secure, fork-lift accessible shipping crate that is both durable and easy to unpack upon arrival. The countertops can be removed from the crate, one piece at a time. No other company does what we do to ensure that your countertops will arrive safely. It is this attention to detail that allows us to guarantee replacement, in the event that a piece of stone arrives damaged.

If you have any enquiry about quotation or cooperation, please feel free to email us at 【Vip Buyers Inquire to ceo@china-stone-experts.com】 or use the following enquiry form. Our sales representative will contact you within 12 hours. Thank you for your interest in our products

Why choose Xiamen Yeyang Stone?


1-- Knowledgeable sales representatives

24 years ' experience in stone supplying, professional knowledge of stone products.


2-- Wide ranges of products

Different styles, colors and sizes are available


3--Friendly Customer Service:

We would confirm every details with you before production to avoid any mistake


4--Timely Delivery:

We always send out containers within agreed time.



We guarantee to replace or refund any wrong or broken products that caused in our part.

Our advantage

1. We frequently upgrading the technology on the own built machinery lines in order to improve production capability and consistency.

2. All slabs are made of high-quality quartz grains and resin.

3. Our pickiest quality control team always paying extra attention to pinholes/splotches/watermarks/smudginess/glossiness/cleanliness/grain distribution and many other key aspects to make sure every single slab is the top grade in quality.

4. We batching the slabs properly to minimize the possible colour difference in between slabs.

5. We check the details of the slab to make sure every piece alone is a fine art before delivering to you.



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