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  • Q China marbles normally have cracks and not good polishing, how is your quality?

    A A: Our factory is export-oriented and our main materials are China marbles, so we make better quality than others, for the cracks, as we directly get the blocks from the quarries, they are easier to avoid and we will try to get the good blocks for you. For the polishing, we use Italian Abrasive tools guarantees the polishing 95+ up normally.
  • Q I have no time to visit your marble factory, can I see them in Xiamen or Shuito

    A A: Yes, we have some blocks sent to Shuitou to process and also sell there, some of them are showing in our cut to size factory, we will take you to check if you want.
  • Q What marble colors you are dealing with?

    A A: We focus on China marbles, you can get the most China marbles from us, such as Nero Marquina, ST Laurent, China Dark Emperador, Wooden marbles (white, Athens, black, grey, blue, coffee ), we also have other good marbles that are new in the market but got good comments and trial orders after our first show in 2016 Xiamen stone fair. In the meantime, we have imported marbles from different countries.
  • Q How is your marble factory?

    A A: It’s a new factory we just established in 2015 and mainly processing China marbles (more than 20 marbles). This factory covers about 45,000 square meters and equipped with KEDA gangsaw can cut the slabs 1CM, 2CM AND 3CM. Its also equipped with automatic polishing facility and dry line, 4 CNC cutting machines. We use Italian abrasive tools to get the best polishing, that is why the Italian & Australian quarry owners sent blocks to us to process, they are happy with our quality!
  • Q Where is your marble factory?

    A A: Its located in Nantong city, just one hours car driving to Shanghai and 2.5 hours far from Pudong airport.
  • Q What materials do you fabricate for countertops?

    A A: We use different surface products, mainly on stones such as artificial quartz, natural granite and natural marble, solid surface. The granite and quartz are the biggest part we have been working with, in which quartz is raising crazily.
  • Q What granites do you use for countertops?

    A A: We use a lot of China granites for the countertops for the multifamily & hospitality projects due to their economical pricings and wide application, such as Bainbrook Brown, Tiger Skin White, China Luna Pearl, Wave White  In the meanwhile, we also use foreign granites from Brasil (Like Ubatuba, New Venetian Gold, Giallo Ornanmental, Giallo Cecilia  ), India (like Tan Brown, Black Galaxy, Black Pearl, New Kashmir white  ) and other countries.
    We make for both customized projects and also prefabs.
  • Q Do you make quartz countertops?

    A A: YES! We have nearly double increasing sales of quartz tops in USA. We have some famous buildings projects using our quartz tops in USA, like FL, TX, GA  
  • Q Do you have your own quartz slabs pressing factory?

    A A: YES! We invested into one quartz slabs factory in 2013 which were established in 2012, we had one year to test that factory and invested to be one of the 3 share holders. That factory has 2 pressing lines for excellent basic popular quartz colors, like pure colors and colors with some flecks, as our main market is for hospitality and multifamily projects using these economical quartz.
  • Q Do you make competitors’ quartz colors?

    A A: YES! We can match the colors to your order requirements of other companies like Caesarstone, Silestone, LG, MSI and so on, we have the samples book from Caesarstone, Silestone at hand for your urgent match requimrents.
    Actually as you know, every quartz slab pressing factory has their own specialty colors they are good at, no one can make all! Our boss spent one year to check most of other good quartz slabs factories and know which colors each factory is good at both on quality and prices, so we can allocate the right resource for your actual requirements. 
  • Q How long time you need for quartz samples matching?

    A A: Normally 3-6 days, some special complicated colors may need few days more.
  • Q What is your delivery time for the countertops?

    A A: For granite countertops, normally 15-20 days for 1-3 containers, then 1-2 containers per week;
    For quartz countertops, normally 20-25 days for 1-3 containers, then 2 containers per week, for quartz countertops, the main time is slabs pressing needing about 15 days.
    Some suppliers from North of China give us 10% less pricings than yours, why should we buy from you?
    A: That is the fact! But the quality is different! We use the best raw materials and good machines, like the curing agent, what we use is the OT curing agent that is 6 times higher costing than normal ones, and we use pure 7% resin without any calcium powder that will make the quartz products to be beige or yellow in few years.
    In the meantime, our pressing machine is 76 tons compared to their 40 tons, and made under 90 celsius degrees but not the room temperature. Our quartz slabs are compact with density 2.35+ g/cm3. You will see our quartz characters via our SGS test report data.
  • Q How is your quality of your countertops?

    A A:  We have 2 Factories separately making the granite countertops and quartz countertops, as granite countertops fabrication is with lots of dust that is not good for the quartz tops. The quartz tops fabrication factory is equipped with dust removal system to keep clean production environment, that is good for the laminated edges.
    The machines were updated in early of 2015, they are new and with good brand. We use CNC cutting to get the quicker and more accurate cutting without edge chips, very good for the quartz tops. The holes of sink cutout and faucet are both finished by computer pre-programmed machines. We workers are all 5+ years experience in their specialities. Our quality convinces our clients come back with constant orders with long term cooperation.
  • Q How do you handle the shop drawings?

    A A: Our estimation department has 4 staffs and 3 of them could make CAD drawings, normally 24 hours is ok for us to work out the prices and CAD drawings, for some complicated projects, we may need another 24 hours. We always send our YEYANG drawings to our clients for approval before production.
  • Q How is your factory scale for the countertops?

    A A: About 200,000 sqft for granite tops factory,
    about 150,000 sqft for quartz tops factory with 2 levels good for layout.
  • Q If we receive the breakage countertops from your company, what to do?

    A A: We use the strong packing, the wooden pieces are thicker than the most factories and use steel rods to reinforce the wooden crates. Normally we will have no breakage. In case if the breakage happens, if its our YEYANGs problem with improper packing, you take photos and send to us, we will make up those pieces. But if its the problem of your workers during the transportation or unloading,we will be not responsible for it.
  • Q Do you offer sinks?

    A A: yes, sink is the additional product we offer to our clients with no profit to support our clients to get more projects. We offer both Ceramic sinks and Stainless Steel sinks with different sizes, using our own sinks also can guarantee the sink cutout perfect.
    We have the special low tariff for the stainless steel sinks, the normal factories sinks need to pay 76% tariff due to anti-dumpling, but you just pay 4.5% for the stainless steel sinks from us under special right. 
  • Q How is your company’s history and current scale?

    A A: YEYANG STONE was established in 1993 with a small plant, along with our steady dedication to this industry with more than 20 years, Yeyang Stone now is a group with  own 3 qualified and professional factories (with total area over 60,000m²) & 3 trading companies, more than 20 family-owned factories.
  • Q Do you have any certification of your factories?

    A A: Yes, all 3 factories are SGS certificated.
  • Q Could you introduce some of your clients in USA?

    A A: Our customers cover most of US states, some of them are very strong companies. We are very proud that Yeyang is a MIA member and has worked with MSI for many years. You can also check our export customs data to know more information about our partners.


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