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Several tips for cleaning natural stone steps

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Several tips for cleaning natural stone steps

Marble and granite are often used to decorate public buildings and higher-grade civil buildings. Used for exterior wall veneer, hotel lobby or office building lobby floor and channel laying. Below, introduce several stone cleaning techniques.

Stone ladder cleaning techniques

1.Cover the stone stairs with old tablecloths or shower curtains.

2. No need to clean the stone stairs with any liquid containing cement!

3. Choose the cleaning agent carefully. Inferior cleaning agents are often some strong acids, which are likely to cause more serious stone diseases, such as surface loss and chalking, water spots and salt spots, loose corrosion and yellowing, etc.

Therefore, it is recommended that users first choose high-quality products from reliable manufacturers; secondly, they should protect the parts that are not ready to be cleaned before cleaning, and remove residual chemicals after cleaning; in addition, the cleaning of stone cultural relics should ask relevant experts Argument



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