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How to solve the washbasin will turn white

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How to solve the washbasin will turn white

First of all, let’s discuss with you that there are generally two reasons for the whiteness of the washbasin:

1. Pollution from alkaline or acid cleaning agents.

Cleaning products such as hand sanitizer, soap, and toilet cleaner will slowly corrode the stone surface when dripped on the stone countertops, and the stone surface will appear white or even lose gloss.


2. Water and water-based pollutants.

As the surface of the stone is corroded by alkaline cleaners, the protective layer of the stone is destroyed, and water and water-based pollutants penetrate into the stone, causing symptoms such as rusty yellow and blackening of the board surface.

1. The corrosion situation is serious, and the white spots or white spots are more obvious. It needs to be refurbished and recrystallized and hardened. You can find a professional stone care company to deal with it.

2. The corrosion is relatively light and the color difference is not obvious. You can directly polish it, and just apply polishing care agent or stone color care agent on the surface.



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