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Golden/Yellow Quartz Kitchen Countertops Vanity Tops (YY-QC003)

Quartz Countertop/Vanity top is one kind of our advantaged products in our factory, we do process prefabricated countertops, vanity tops, bar tops and so on for residental and commercial projects. We pay attention to every details in process on the edge, joint, packing to reach perfect. YEYANG QUARTZ is made of made of 93% quartz and 7% resin to create a stone look-alike with tremendous hardness, strength and durability. The mixture of various sizes and colors of mined quartz are mixed with advanced polymer resins and a small amount of color is placed in a mold and compressed under 100 tonnes of pressure. This eliminates any voids to create a totally non-porous surface that is then milled and polished in a typical slab format. Compared natural stones, it has the following 6 advantages: 1), Burning Prevention: The material is mainly composed of quartz granules, and quartz is a kind of material of high melting point(up to above 1300 degree). Through a small dosage of compound is mixed, the material has excellent anti-burning capacity, is currently the best temperature resistance material except for stainless stell. 2), Maintenance free: In the course of use, scrape, abrasion, corrosion, fading or aging can be prevented to the maximum, and it's able to maintain cleanliness and newness all llife long, and no extra care is needed. 3), Radioactivity free: The raw material is in granules before the compound operation, and has been subject to strict mineral selection, washing and purifying. It doesn't contain metal impurities, so is free from the worry of radioactivity. 4), Nontoxic: It's mainly composed of natural quartz etc., nontoxic and hygienic and can contact foods directly. 5), Acid/Alkali resistant: Its anti-corrosive property is the best amond current table board materials, and denies the damage caused by acids or alkalis daily used. 6), No Scraping: Its surface hardness is generally higher than that of ordinary metal tools, which means that metal tools for household purpose are not liable to scrape or wear it. Colours can be all kinds from Granite to Marble of black, blue, yellow, green and so on. Sizes: From standard US format to custom sizes. Edges: All kinds from bullnose to OG and so on. Packing: Polyethylene film to apart each top, then packed in crates


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