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Fujian Profile

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Fujian Profile

Map of FujianFujian Province, known as "Min", is situated along China's southeastern coast. It is separated from Taiwan, the largest island in China, only by the narrow Taiwan Straits. The Province occupies an area of 121,400 square kilometres, with a population of 36.04 millions. The provincial government has an immediate jurisdiction over 9 administrative prefectures and municipalities, which are subdivided into 84 counties and cities.


Map of FujianFujian is one of China's experimental zones of comprehensive reforms. The province has formed a multi-levelled pattern of opening to the outside world, which includes "economic special zones, economic and technological development zones, opening coastal cities and coastal economic opening zones with the practice of special policies and flexible measures in their economic activities with the outside world. " Fujian is also a major hometown of overseas Chinese. Over the world, there are about 8 million overseas Chinese of Fujian origin and 80 percent of Taiwan's population is of Fujian origin.

Based on the mountain at the back and overlooking the sea, Fujian is known for its "eight mountains, one river and one tenth of Chinese Mu of rice field, " and enjoys its numerous mountains, vast sea and mild temperature. The Province is rich in mineral resources, forestry, waterpower and aquatic products.

Fujian's mild, humid, subtropical and marine climate is especially conducive to crop production. Of Fujian's 1.24 million hectares of cultivated land, 1 million hectares are rice fields. Rice, wheat, sweet potatoes, soybeans and peanuts are Fujian's major cash crops while sugarcane, tea, fruit, tobacco, rubber, jute and bluish dogbane are Fujian's important industrial crops.

Industry in Fujian is of considerable dimensions. The major industrial product groups are building materials, forest products, light industrial products, electronic products, chemical products, machinery products, metallurgical products and energy products. Shoushan is known for its stone carving, Fuzhou for its bodiless lacquerware and Dehua for its porcelain.


Map of FujianFujian boasts its numerous tourist attractions, both in beautiful scenery and in outstanding and influential figures. Tourist areas include mountains, rivers and well-known cities: Quanzhou, one of China's famous historic and cultural ancient cities, is a human and scenic spot approved by the UNESCO; Xiamen, known as "Garden on the Sea", is a picturesque economic special zone; Wuyi Mountains is famous for its peaks and Wuyi tea; Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou, Yongquan Temple in Fuzhou, Guanghua Temple in Putian and Nanshan Temple in Zhangzhou are the four famous grand ancient temples in Fujian. In addition, there are historic relics left behind by Zhuxi and Zheng Chenggong.


Famous Export Brand



Established in 1985, Hengan was one of earliest foreign investment enterprises entering in the PRC sanitary napkins market. Following the rapid expansion of the PRC hygiene products market, business of Hengan Group has grown steadily over the years. By now the Group has become the largest sanitary napkins manufacturer, the second largest disposable baby diapers manufacturer, the main adult diaper manufacturer, personal hygiene products manufacturer and household paper manufacturer. The total assets of Hengan is more than 2 billion Hongkong dollars, the staffs of Hengan is about ten thousands. Now the Group has a nationwide sales and distribution network and owns 23 PRC subsidiaries in 14 provinces.

The Group has set up several famous brands, such as ANLE sanitary napkin, ANERLE sanitary napkin, ANERLE baby diaper, ELDERJOY adult diaper and MISSMAY tend-and-protect products, The Group is the oversea sale agent of Hearttex household paper as well.



The brand of  “Septwolves” was established in the end of 1980s. The birth of this brand is to meet the need of more and more consumers who would like to express their taste and world view through strong personal style and even unique costume language.

  • Product Series:
  • Septwolves Red Label Collection – Business wear collection
  • Septwolves Blue Label Collection – Enables the gentlemen who pursue individuality to show their vigor.
  • Womenswear Collection
  • Kids Wear Collection




As one of the leading branded sportswear enterprises in China, the Group primarily designs, develops, manufactures and markets sportswear, including sports footwear, apparel and accessories. The Group has established extensive distribution network and nationwide retail outlets in China under the management of the distributors. The Group places great emphasis on branding by integrating the resources from sports leagues' sponsorships, placement of advertisements, interaction with consumers through internet and endorsement of elite athletes with the featured products to enhance product differentiation. Its footwear has been led in China composed index on market shares for seven consecutive years.



No.1 alkaline battery manufacturer and supplier in China
One of the 520 key enterprises of People’s Republic of China
An enterprise with the title of Postdoctoral Workstation granted by the National Personnel Bureau
A key Hi-Tech enterprise among those awarded by the National Torch Plan
A key export-oriented enterprise supported by the National Foreign Economy and Trade Department.

More Famous Export Brand in Fujian

X-Tarenment 361° K-Bird Deerway

Manufacturing & Export Bases

Fujian is a one of the largest Manufacturing & Export Bases in China. Its economy has developed steadily in recent years. Its industry is based mainly on light industry with a full range of industrial categories which include metallurgy, coal, machinery, electronics, textile, paper-making and tea-making. In 2008, Fujian’s GDP totals RMB 1,082.3 billion, ranking the 12th in the country. The population of permanent residents in Fujian amounts to 36.04 million, with per capita GDP at RMB 28,000.

According to the outline of Fujian's 11th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development, the province targets to increase its industrial value-added by an average of more than 12% annually to reach over RMB500 billion in 2010. The three leading industries of information, petrochemicals and machine building are envisaged to grow at an average annual rate of 20%, 18% and 15% respectively. The province will ultimately be built into an advanced manufacturing base in line with modern scientific development and the needs of a recycle economy.

HENGANThe construction of a state-level information base along the coast of Fuzhou and Xiamen will be expedited. Major efforts will be made to build five state-level industrial parks: Fuzhou (Mawei) for display parts, Fuqing for monitors, Xiamen for semi-conductor illumination systems, Quanzhou for micro-wave communication equipment, and Putian for LCDs. Priority will also be placed on developing the petrochemical bases at Meizhouwan and Xiamen Haicang, with emphasis on key projects such as refining and petrochemical integration, Xiamen's para-xylene and Shishi's purified terephthalic acid.


Meanwhile, key industries including automobile, shipbuilding, aircraft maintenance, engineering machinery, HENGANelectromechanical equipment and environmental protection facilities will be further promoted. In the automobile industry, emphasis will be put on enhancing the scale and level of cooperation with Taiwan automobile enterprises and forming strategic partnership with major local and overseas automobile corporations. Steps will be taken to further develop South East (Fujian) Motor and Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus. In shipbuilding, the construction of key projects such as Quanzhou Shipyard will be speeded up, with the aim of turning the province into one of the nation's major shipbuilding bases.

The province will also encourage the development of traditional industries with competitive advantages, including textiles and garment, shoe-making, construction materials, metallurgy, forestry and food processing.

New - and high-tech industries are another focus for development. The two national-level and five provincial-level high-tech development zones in Fuzhou and Xiamen will be used as bases for establishing some 100 new- and high-tech demonstration projects and 150 new - and high-tech enterprises with output exceeding RMB100 million. During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, output from new- and high-tech enterprises is projected to grow by over 20% annually and to take up a 30% share in the province's total exports. The major new- and high-tech industries to be developed include integrated circuit, software, optoelectronic, biotechnology, environmental protection and new materials.

Featured Industries

Apparel Industry

Apparel IndustryIn recent years, all textile and apparel enterprises in Fujian Province have been committing to launching the plan of brand cultivation. Brand establishment started in the coastal areas in the east of the province, and there have gradually shaped up brand clusters with regional and industrial features. There have emerged well-known brands enjoying their high reputation as well-know brands at home and abroad, such as SEVEN NINETEEN SEVEN, k-boxing, SEPTWOLVES, Fordoo, edenbo, Tries, Ports, MINZE-STYLE. Over 50 kinds of products have won the title as "Fujian Province famous brand products", and 15 kinds of products were state-designated products exempt from quality (surveillance) inspection. In addition, a batch of enterprises have won such titles as "China Well-known Mark" and "Fujian famous brand" while various textile and apparel enterprises have won unusual glories in national assessments on enterprises in terms of competitiveness. Self-owned textile and apparel brands in Fujian have become the first choice for consumers through accumulation and careful management during many years and their comprehensive market shares have further increased. Therefore, preliminary effects of brand strategies have been seen.

Apparel IndustryMost textile and apparel industrial clusters in Fujian give priority to the regional economy of local countries and towns. They tend to have a high level of industrial concentration, relatively consummate matching utilities, fairly low production costs, distinct interactions between the industry and the market. Thus, the driving and interaction effects of such clusters are fairly obvious. For the moment, the textile and apparel industry in Fujian has already stepped into a new pattern of all-around development featured with prominent industrial clusters, complete industrial chains, enlarging enterprise scale, brilliant industrial characteristics, a great number of well-known brands, and enhanced competitiveness for the industry as a whole.


Light Industry

Light industry is an important part of the economy of Fujian, covering 44 divisions of 22 sectors. Light IndustryIn 2007 there are 6,277 light industry businesses of scale in the province, accounting for 42.2% of the total businesses of scale. The output value reached 168.37 billion RMB, taking up 32.98% of the total of Fujian, ranking the 6th in the country. The production of sports footwear, newsprint paper, Light Industrycan, plastic pipe, sanitary napkin, mercury, alkali and manganese-free batteries and 17g/ m² copying paper is rated high in the country. The light industry has 17 "Name Brands of China" and 216 " Name Brands of Fujian". Among the brands popular at home and abroad are Xingguang newsprint paper, Qingshan bag paper, NANFU battery, ANTA Sports footwear, Yinlu eight treasures porridge, ANERLE sanitary napkin, and Fuguiniao leather shoe; 75% of the light industry output value is generated in five major sectors, including shoemaking, art ware, plastic product, paper making, paper pulp making, and food, the scale of which rank the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 8th in the country respectively.

Fujian has developed a group of competitive and sizable light industry, Zhangzhou and Xiamen fruit, vegetable and edible fungi processing industry, coastal aquaculture product processing industry, Quanzhou casual food industry, Dehua porcelain industry, northwestern Fujian's integrated industry of forestry and paper making. The major sectors of Fujian's light industry rank high in the country in terms of industrial scale, level of equipment, ancillary system, brand image, sales network, and so on.


Machinery Industry

Machinery IndustryMachinery industry is one of the three pillar industries listed as a key sector of development in Fujian's "tenth five-year plan". By the end of 2007, Fujian had 2,436 machinery businesses of scale. The industrial output value of the year amounted to 207.142 billion RMB, ranking the 2nd among different industrial sectors, accounting for 15.7% of the industrial output value of the whole province. Fujian's output value of machinery industry ranked the 13th among different provinces and municipalities of the country; the value of export on delivery ranked the 6th place in the country, with the growth rate ranking 25th of the country. With regard to the output and sales of the major sectors of the machinery industry, electric machinery and equipment manufacturing saw the fastest growth; with the influence of the receding automobile market, however, the communications and transportation equipment manufacturing sector was on the decrease; the manufacturing sectors of special-purpose equipment, general-purpose equipment, metal ware and apparatus maintained a relatively rapid growth.


Electronic Information Industry

Electronic Information IndustryFujian has basically developed computer and computer peripheral industry clusters in Fuzhou, mobile communications industry clusters in Xiamen, digital video and audio products industry cluster in Fuzhou, Xiamen and Zhangzhou, as well as software business clusters, which are led by two software parks in Fuzhou and Xiamen respectively and specialize in applicable software development, completed with the development of middleware and embedded software. The software clusters cove 34 leading businesses in the field. The output value of the clusters accounted for about 80% of the total of the sector.


Electronic Information IndustryFujian plans to accelerate the R&D and manufacturing of micro-computers, digit communications products, 3C integrated products, chip resistors and capacitors, semi-conductor lighting and automobile electronics, accelerate the development of IC industry, especially the development of IC designing, and introduce the production line of 8-inch IC chip. Meanwhile, with carrying out of the "Digital Fujian" project, Fujian will make great efforts to develop software supporting the building of governmental information networks, and application software of telecommunication and finance sectors, with an aim to build information networks among the major businesses of the provinces.


Xiamen Profile

Xiamen is an island city with a rich and dramatic history,replete with pirates, rebel leaders, and European merchants. Now linked to mainland Fujian by a causeway, Xiamen retains a strong international flavor. Known in the West as Amoy, Xiamen has a long history as a port city, and later became a center of British trade in the 19th century. Their foreign settlements, later taken over by Japanese invaders at the start of World War II, were established on the nearby small Gulangyu Island. Many of the old treaty-port and colonial buildings in Western styles survive. Xiamen was declared one of China’s first Special Economic Zones in the early 1980’s, taking advantage of the city’s heritage as a trading center and the proximity to Taiwan. Today Xiamen is one of China’s most attractive and best-maintained resort cities.
Xiamen was founded in 1394 at the beginning of the Ming dynasty as a center of defense against coastal pirates. Its prosperity was due to its deepwater sheltered harbor, that supplanted nearby Quanzhou, the port that had been the center of the maritime trade with the Indies.

In the mid-17th century, Xiamen and Gulangyu Island became a stronghold of Zheng Chenggong, known in the West as Koxinga, a Ming loyalist who held out against the Manchu invaders until being driven to Taiwan. Born in Japan to a Chinese pirate father and a Japanese mother, Zheng became allied with holdout Ming princes in the south who hoped for a restoration. He built up a resistance force of some 7,000 junks and a mixed force of three-quarters of a million troops and pirates. In 1661 he drove the Dutch from Taiwan and set up another base there, before his death in 1662.

After the Opium Wars Xiamen became one of the first treaty ports to be opened to foreign trade and settlement following the Treaty of Nanjing in 1842. Gulangyu Island was transformed into an international settlement, where many Victorian and Neoclassical style buildings still survive. The city’s prosperity was due both to trade and to wealth sent back by Xiamen’s substantial emigrant community of overseas Chinese.

Prosperity returned to Xiamen in the early 1980’s when Xiamen was designated one of the four Special Economic Zones .

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